Yuna, born Yunalis Mat Zara’ai, is an up-and-coming, almost on the verge of superstardom, singer with an airy voice and a dream team behind her. with the help of the skater boy we all love, pharrell, as well as most recently Theophilus London, Yuna is quickly making a mark for herself on the pop scene.


Theophilus remixed her track “Live Your Life,” a song you more than likely have heard more than a few times and loved but had no idea who was singing over the drums and keys. the malaysian-born talented singer recently released her self-titled debut album, “Yuna”, earlier this spring, and her opening track, “Lullabies,” is crazy. a smooth beat that is reminiscent of 80s pop a la Groove Theory and the free “Lullabies” remix is even better. don’t even get us started on the way she sang her heart out for her frank ocean, Thinkin Bout You Cover.

inspired by The Cardigans and No Doubt as a young girl, it’s then that she says she fell in love with music. in addition to owning the mic, she also has a law degree that she earned in malaysia (yes) as well as still runs a company that handles contracts back in her home country. we’re sure that it’s a degree that comes in handy more often than not when she’s sitting across from execs asking for her john hancock.

Yuna started out as a solo artist on myspace in 2006 singing in both english and malay and quickly gained a cult following. though we are a little late to the crowd that waits to hear her sing, we are fans and can’t wait to see how she grows overtime.

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