For many of us, underwear is just functional. ?We put it on to support the girls or to protect our womanly parts. There’s no lace, no frills, and no fuss, but boy is it boring. Ladies, they may do the job but there is absolutely nothing attractive about granny panties and 18-hour bras. Get rid of them! If it looks like something your mother would wear or maybe even your mom bought it for you, trash it. For models undies can be even more blah than usual. A nude bra preferably strapless and a nude thong is our required uniform for photo shoots. Because of all my practical undies, a real problem arose. When I actually wanted to look sexy for a hot date or even for myself, I had nothing to wear. I had a few basic full-coverage black bras and plain colored panties but that was it. My underwear needed an overhaul.

The first thing I had to do was stop thinking of it as underwear and start calling it lingerie. There is a big difference. Undies are what you use to cover up while lingerie is what you wear to embrace and enhance your precious goodies. It is made of luxurious fabrics like lace, silk, and satin that feel soft against your skin. While breathable cotton is highly encouraged for your lower half, you can go all out on the top with pretty bras. I prefer bras with support that still look alluring, so my eye tends to gravitate toward balconettes, t-shirt bras and the occasional demi-cup. Besides these, there are a few other types of brassieres that I believe every woman should have in her lingerie drawer.

Black Lace
It’s as classic as a martini. Just look at all the detail in the fabric. The delicate eyelets and the fleshtone mesh peeking through. This bra reminds me of something a French woman would wear. It’s very delicate but sophisticated. This particular one is from Truth or Dare by Madonna, so you know it screams sexy. It has underwire, but is a more relaxed fit for those days you’re just lounging around the house. I love wearing black lace under a white button-up shirt so that someone possibly could sneak a peek of it when I’m leaning over. Business on the surface, but underneath it’s all play.

Floral Print
What says feminine better than flowers. Floral prints come in different colors from white to black with red roses and anything in between. This one is by Gap Body and features bright orange and yellow on blue satin. It’s so hot it’s tropical. The longline cut is similar to a bustier but with straps, so there’s lots of va-va-voom. This style also great for ladies that are a little busty. If you want to pair this bra with panties, pick something solid that’s got shine and a punch of color.

White and Structured
Something that Marilyn Monroe would have worn. This bra is full coverage without looking matronly. The silhouette is reminiscent of that 1950s sort of cone bra the Hollywood sirens used to wear, but with a modern twist. This H & M bra is lightly lined and has this really pretty scalloped trim paired with a nude mesh. It’s also a convertible bra so you can wear it with or without the straps. Works great under a sweater or even a crew neck shirt.

Yes, bras are designed to hoist up your bosom but they can also be quite nice to wear. You can match your bra with your panties or mix it up with separates. See how pretty lingerie can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re showing it off to the world or keeping it a secret for yourself, buy lingerie that makes you feel like a million dollar baby. You definitely deserve to spoil yourself every now and then.

— Nikia Phoenix

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