7 Ways To Use Hair Oil Without Greasiness Or Buildup
Photo: Jordan Seban Hair
The seven botanical oils in Jordan Seban's The L'Huile Oil are certified organic. Extracted without the use of any chemicals; so all vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids are preserved. Pure goodness for the hair and skin.

Though really good for your hair, hair oils can be a bit tricky to get the hang of when you wan to add them to your hair product round up. Use too little and you don’t really see the benefits. Too much and you are swimming in juices and berries “Coming To America” style. Once you get the hang of them – how often to use, which to use and how much to use – hair oils are like liquid gold in a bottle. To make using them on your natural hair easy, here are our top 7 ways to use hair oil for curly hair.

Invest In Quality Oils
Not all hair oils are created equal. The top three oils are coconut, extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil. After these three there is castor, emu and argan. Everything else falls in line after these six – with the top three being the best of the best. Because these oils are the only oils currently proven to penetrate the hair shaft which is what really benefits hair when it comes to oil, start with these top oils first (coconut being the top leader in penetration) which are even better organic and unrefined. Though we also love jojoba, kendi, macadamia nut and many others, those oils mainly work by on hair imparting shine and luster and helping to block humidity. The top three actually moisturize and “deep treat” your hair strands.

Think “Conditioner” Second
Pre-pooing with oil is a great way to build shine, flexibility and strength in your hair. Just remember to keep the oil on for at least 30 minutes to reap the benefits and a full 7 hours for the full benefits of the oil penetrating the hair. For the longer version, an overnight treatment with organic, unrefined coconut oil is ideal.

Try Hair Oil In A Shampoo
Hair oils in shampoo has become a new staple for many product lines. By combining oil and traditional cleansers, the oil helps to keep the shampoo gentle and moisturizing at the same time. one of our favorite oil-based shampoos that works really great is Ouidad Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil. Products like Ouai are formulated with oil so you start getting the moisturizing benefits of oil from the beginning of your hair routine. We love their Smooth Conditioner and Clean Shampoo.

Pair Oil With A Silicone And Mix It Up
Say silicone in a room full of curly girls and you’re bound to hear everything from sighs to claps. We understand that silicones can cause build up on hair (which is easily removed by clarifying your hair) but that does not mean they are bad. We love mixing natural oils with silicones and other oils because they help to keep your hair frizz free longer. Coconut oil mixed with argan and jojoba? A winner in our book. We do love oils that don’t penetrate the hair because they also work to block humidity and enhance curls. We like Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil among a few others for this task.

Touch Up Your Frizzy Hair
If you are rocking a hairstyle that gets a too little frizzy, spray some oil in palms of your hand, rub your hands together to spread it out and warm it up and lightly run your hands over your flyaways. The oil will coat your strands and keep moisture inside which helps to cut down on frizz. If your oil does not come with a spray pump, just by dipping the first part of your index finger in the bottle and spreading that over your hair should do the trick.

Try A Pomade
Pomades look eerily related to hair grease which then evokes thoughts of greasy hair that leaves stains ev-ery-where. no bueno. We like Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey because although it looks like a grease, it is not but is instead a blend of oils “solidified” in beeswax that really does wonders on hair. We love, love, love the smell of this hair honey and it works great to keep your ends shiny and healthy and is great for flyways.

Keep Your Roots Straight
There is nothing more frustrating that straightening curly hair only to have your roots poof up. To keep reversion at a minimum, use a little oil on your roots when you straighten them and after you apply your heat protectant. Coconut oil is a great choice for keeping your roots straight and is my personal favorite “root smoother” for shiny roots without greasiness.

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