Q/ I currently wash my hair twice a week during the summer. Should I wash my hair as much or less during the winter months?” – Staci


A/ This is a really great question because when you think about it, many of us change our foundation to match our skin from season to season, but the frequency of how often we wash our hair to accommodate for weather changes? Not so much. How often we should wash our hair is predominantly determined by what our scalp is in need of coupled with environmental factors, including weather, that make the hair more or less dry. A healthy scalp means healthy hair.

If you have a medically diagnosed scalp condition like dandruff, dermatitis, or psoriasis that requires regular washing as prescribed by your doctor, continue to do so. If you find that your scalp feels balanced, not too dry not too oily, and stays build up free for a couple weeks at a time, go with that so long as the hair is odor free and is being hydrated with water-based spritzing when needed and regular weekly conditioning. Personally, my scalp is pitching a fit at day 10 after washing and requires that I wash again or it revolts by itching up a storm!

If you want to continue washing your hair twice a week, make sure you are using a moisturizing shampoo that is 100% sulfate free. This could also be a great time to go with a creamy conditioner wash like L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner our or Editor’s personal fave, Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream which does not strip hair and helps to seals in moisture as well as helps to normalize oil production in the scalp and reduce irritation and flakes. Follow that up with a moisturizing rinse-out conditioner being sure to always use a leave-in after that.

Most climates are drier in the winter than summer and very much colder so wash and gos or any wet style will be a no-no to avoid water potentially freezing in your hair and causing breakage. Regular deep conditioning and protective styles where you keep your hair up and hidden away in buns, braids or other styles are a definite do during this time of year to compensate for increased inside temperatures and lack of moisture in the air.

So when it comes to washing your hair in the winter, just wash as you feel you need. Just be sure to keep your scalp clean and your hair hydrated with sulfate free shampoos and regular conditioning and try a few protective styles to help keep your curls from drying out too fast.

Cheers to balanced winter hair care!

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