There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has a very specific decision to make. That day may come when she’s home in bed web surfing, still wearing her pajamas from the night before. Or she may be standing at a beauty counter after “wandering” into a store while window shopping and is now face-to-face with a white, glossy shelf full of pristine bottles of tonics, creams, serums and oils. Things that foam and peel and scrub and promise results. Beauty products that have price tags with prices like [fill in your ‘that’s too much’ number here]. Then she’ll go home and wonder endlessly if she should have just bought that cream because the one she has could use an upgrade. It’s time for an intervention ladies. It’s time we started talking and thinking about investment skincare.

Verso Skincare is a beauty brand out of Stockholm, Sweden, and while thinking about how well their products work, we started thinking about the mighty dollars we spend on beauty potions. In Latin, Verso means reverse and that’s the premise of their skincare line in many ways. To age you backwards as best they can, while standing out from their competition delivering products in complete opposition to what you’re used to. Their Verso Skincare Time Reverse Series is an investment to say the least. It does, however, replace everything you’re probably working with now. It’s a jammed packed kit full of their own formula that helps ‘skin cells mimic how young cells behave.’ The key ingredient in their skincare formula is called retinol 8, and it’s purported to be eight times more effective than typical retinol in the same dosage. It works by stimulating your skin’s production of collagen and hyaluronic acid – that beautiful super strength humectant you’ve come to know and love.

The other ingredients in this line are common ingredients found in many skincare lines. The stand out is their own Retinol 8. This is where investment skincare gets personal and stands out from other products in many ways. Once you find that one or two super special things that work for your skin, it may be time to start splurging on yourself. Investment skincare means that you want products that work, not because they are more expensive or more popular, but because in many ways, higher end products work well because of the more expensive ingredients that some brands have access to that others do not.

For instance, there is also the infamous Verso Super Facial Serum. Since it’s concentrated, it’s formulated with a high dose of their retinol 8 which is stabilized vitamin A complex that supports your skin?s natural collagen, reversing the visible signs of aging. It’s also suitable for those with sensitive skin. This serum makes your skin not just tighter but firmer and reduces dark spots fast. As that’s working, if you have wrinkles, your line are getting shallower and your acne is clearing up. Your skin will start to feel smooth to the touch if this ends up being your one thing and sine it works for so many skin types, it just may be. Many products can’t deliver all of that in one serum, especially a patented prescription-rival retinol.

Mixing high and low is a skill that applies not only to your wardrobe, but to your skincare as well. Once you find the right products, investing in skincare can be affordable with the right balance. A two dollar bar of papaya soap and a skin clearing, moisturizing, toning and firming serum that costs about the same amount as a pair of shoes is easier to swallow when you know your skin will look even more a-mazing the next month you find yourself in those heels you held off just a little bit for.

Verso may not be your first investment, but the Cadillac cream for your face is out there somewhere, just be on the lookout for it.

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