“I sometimes hate to define myself because I am forever evolving, but I am a woman who loves dreaming. I’ve always lived in my head and imagined all the wonderful, beautiful and limitless possibilities of life. And life in my mind almost mirrors my life today with some exceptions. I believe anything is possible, I?m always shooting for the moon and the stars. I am constantly evolving, just like the saying, ‘For every day is a new journey towards self awareness and discovery.’

I studied Pre-Veterinary Medicine in the south, but like a month after graduating I found myself in Boston to begin my career in Pharmaceutical Sales for Pfizer Animal Health and that was 10 years ago. I?ve always loved animals, but I?ve always also had a strong passion for the arts and design, basically anything visually stunning. I was afraid to explore that side of myself when I was younger, so my passion for interior design took a backseat to my day job and became a hobby. After Boston, I moved to Los Angeles and that?s when it all began. This year LoosEnds Vintage d?cor was established. I shop estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores to find one of a kind home accessories and furniture.

Business thus far has exceeded my expectations. One of my proudest accomplishments is that LoosEnds D?cor is a vendor for One Kings Lane and our items are sold on their site daily. Having my own business has been a dream come true and one of the most rewarding experiences.

What I love about interior design is that you are able to transform an impractical space and into something practical and functional, or transform a visually unappealing room into something magical. It gives me a creative outlet to be free. I believe, ‘there are no rules’, and that allows me to be unrestricted. I didn?t get serious about design until I purchased my first home a few years ago. That’s when I decided to turn my hobby into a profitable business.

I am lover of all things beautiful and inspirational, but things that I personally love are my hot baths, walking my dog and I crave traveling, just getting away and exploring new things gives me so much life.

I use coconut oil for my hair and skin and Aussie Moist Conditioner. My hair care regime is very simple. I?ve been natural going on seven years and I love being apart of the natural hair community. Being natural is one of the most liberating things I?ve ever done. Honestly, I always hated getting my hair permed. It always felt thin and flat. It was straight, but it wasn?t full and fabulous like my natural texture hair. Ironically enough, I tried growing out my relaxer in high school and that lasted 6 months. Needless to say, I?ve always longed for my natural texture. It just took me a while to liberate myself. I do love my twist-outs, but I love that you have options with natural hair. I straighten my hair about once a month, but since I?ve been pregnant I straighten it more often with my BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron, the holy grail of flat irons in my opinion.

I?ve always admired the girl that can throw on a full face, but my approach to make up is simple. My staples are a nude lip, a little blush or bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. I couldn?t live without my MAC Siss Lipstick, MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Lipglass and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in very black.

I?ve always wanted to become a mother and knew kids would always in my future. When I first found out we were expecting it was mixture of excitement and fear of the unknown all mixed in one emotion. I literally sat on the toilet for about 10 minutes to just digest it all before telling my fianc?. My fianc? is way over the moon with excitement. That was a special moment for the both of us. Both our families were full of excitement when they found out. Our baby will be so loved and supported.

One of things I?m looking forward to most about becoming a mother is being able to share things with my daughter that I shared with my mother. I can?t wait to take her to her first play, take her to New York for her 16th and go abroad together. My mother and I have such a great relationship. I mean she’s my best friend. You’re not always in love with your parents, you don’t always think they are doing the right thing but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that everything she’s done has been for a reason and that just makes me even more excited about motherhood so that I can be that strength, that courage that wisdom, just that positive light that love my for my own children. My mom has been so awesome and I just want to be that type of mom to my own daughter.

I want to teach my daughter that the foundation to self discovery is self-respect and appreciation for all things. I will tell her that she is beautiful every day and that I?m so proud to be her mommy. She will know without a doubt that her mom and dad will always be here for her and that the most powerful relationship is the one you will have with yourself and to embrace it. I want to share with her that a beautiful woman is not only physical, but its internal. A beautiful woman is confident and self aware.

I am completely the person I imagined myself to be as a young girl. My dreams were always way bigger than me. I was always fascinated with big city life, the career oriented woman, the well rounded woman living the bachelorette life to having a family. And I?ve accomplished those goals by living in various big cities, maintaining a stable career with reputable company and traveling the world meeting new people to now building a family of my own. I?ve very happy with who Stephanie is today.

I was a very sensitive child to a fault and impressionable. If I could go back, the advice I would give to myself is: you are beautiful and powerful and to accept yourself as God made you. It?s oaky to be true to yourself. God does not make mistakes.

The biggest struggle in life is the struggle to know, embrace and accept ourselves as we are all imperfect beings. My philosophy is, ‘its? not your job to like me. It?s mine.’ I think to be a beautiful woman you have to be willing to learn, willing to grow, willing to look at yourself and be reflective. That’s what makes me beautiful. I’m introspective, I’m willing to, you know, take risks, I’m willing to extend myself to others, I’m willing to help support other people. You know, if it means that someone else can be successful through my inspiration or through my support then I’m all for it.

My mother always says I have a bleeding heart. My heart is what makes me a beautiful person. My heart is genuine and honest, which can be a gift and curse. But I?ve been immensely blessed in my life and feel in my heart that?s Gods way of rewarding his angels.” – Stephanie

Shop Stephanie’s store at LoosEnds Vintage D?cor and One Kings Lane.

Stephanie Edwards photographed by Angel Jordan. Video shot by Paris McCoy.

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