How To Skip Conditioner The Right Way
Photo: Hair Story
We love New Wash from Hair Story, a co-wash with aloe and essential oils – instead of detergent – to respect the natural moisture barrier. New Wash works on EVERY type of hair, and you don't have to use conditioner after it if you don't want to.

“I’ve heard a lot about really moisturizing no-poos so I picked one up and it worked really good! My hair felt like I washed it with conditioner. Have you tried them? Would you ever skip conditioner?” – TaShia

Recently, I’ve been having a good streak with some hair products that I’ve been testing out for review and will soon be sharing with you all once my trial periods of trying out the products are over. more specifically however, i’ve been testing shampoos among other things and within that shampoo category have been creamy, no- to low-poos and cleansing creams.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my fine and coarse hair absolutely loves no-suds products with a good regular wash working to reduce buildup once to twice a month with no adverse side-effects. I’ve also noticed that some of the products that I’ve tried have also been very moisturizing – so much so that I’ve often wondered if other curly women tried the same products I’m trying and opted to actually skip the conditioning step.

With one of these products, my hair is left very soft and bouncy and supple – the same way it feels after a good conditioning treatment, however, I almost always follow up with at least a rinse out conditioner because that extra layer of protection is much needed for me since my hair is so fragile.

I’d never skip condition per say, but I do sometimes skip traditional conditioners. What I mean is once in a while after washing my hair with a cleaning cream, instead of following up with a wash-out conditioner or traditional leave-in, I’ll use a creamy styler like Qhemets Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream on my hair as my leave-in. It’s more often than not used by naturals as a “styling cream” but the ingredients are so excellent that it works well on my hair and gives me the level of sealing and protection that i need while leaving my hair soft.

So would I ever skip conditioning my hair? No, never. Would I ever skip traditional, wash out conditioners? I sometimes do when I use a creamy type cleaning cream to wash my hair. My advice is that if you want to skip conditioner every now and again, just skip the “traditional route” of wash outs after using a cleansing cream and go with a styler that also doubles as a leave-in. my current favorite cleansing creme-based product is Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream (which i’m in love with), but i also like and use Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner and Curls Creamy Curl Cleanser, both coming in second to hair rules. You want to make sure your styler has premium ingredients like organic olive, coconut, palm and almond oil as well as shea, almond mango butter as the first few ingredients, for example, so that you finish your hair washing session with your hair sealed in high quality ingredients. Also, double check to be sure that the manufacturer recommends the product be used on wet hair. I really love the Qhemets Biologics line for this as their products contain supreme quality ingredients and yield great results (every time for me) and are suggested by the brand to be used on wet hair as well.

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