do you remember where you were the night the first episode of sex and the city premiered 15 years ago? just asking that makes me feel old. we can’t believe that it’s been that long. that long since carrie and all of her selfish antics kissed a girl at an adult spin the bottle party, chain smoked, dumped the good one and bought $40K in shoes. that long since samantha live in n.y. and then l.a. and then back in n.y., recovered from cancer and slept with so many men (and that one woman) we lost count. that long since charlotte had awkward sex with the psycho guy who taked dirty in bed but couldn’t remember and had secret sex with the hasidic jew, fought with a crazy mother-in-law who was hypothetically still breast feeding her adult son and married a bald, hairy man named harry. that long since miranda dated her neighbor, super fione dr. robert (blair underwood), wore fake nipples, ate chocolate cake out of the trash can, had a red-headed baby and chased her aging mother-in-law down the streets of brooklyn. that long.


the show, still culturally relevant (and will be for a long, long, long time) was a classic, instant hit for many. as for the first question, i was personally unaware of sex and the city until 2003 when i finally started watching it (no judgement please) and then it was on. i was an instant addict. carrie (sara jessica parker), like tracee ellis ross, cree summer and lisa nicole carson was a stylish, curly-haired woman who embraced her curls – on and off screen. it’s not common to see many white women on television with naturally curly hair, but carrie’s hair was her trademark just like her on-point shoe game and closet that was stacked to the gods. it was often wild and messy in a sexy bed-head way which was perfectly fitting for carrie’s personality.

carrie hipped many a women to manolos, louboutin and designer labels that had filled the pages of vogue for years, but only became mainstream – just like the cosmo the girls drank – when carrie and her crew wore outfits most college students, like ourselves during the time of this series, could ever dream of.

sex and the city will always by that jam, that cult classic. my six season dvd collection as well as two blu ray movies sit right on the shelf with my other classics including crooklyn, poetic justice and jason’s lyrics. you can always catch reruns on tv, but there is nothing like the uncensored version of sex and the city. those candid moment and one-liners from samantha, miranda, charlotte and carrie gets us every time and we can truly say we are grateful to have had annoyingly, materialistic, prudish, sarcastic and real sex in our lives for the last 15 years. cosmos up!

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