rihanna has jumped on the mac bandwagon and ruby woo fans everywhere are going a little extra cray over their excitement of the upcoming release of her for “Riri Hearts MAC” collections this year. mac collaborations are nothing new and dare we say, more recently, a dime a dozen with some slaying and others just a wee bit boring. many of us have been there from the beginning with the “viva glam” collabos to the recent “archie girls” release. i have to admit that i am a mac fan, more specifically of their lipsticks than anything else and i find that shopping at mac sets the bar for me for many other lip colors i buy. my favorite lipstick from mac hands down is ruby woo and i’ve yet to find a contender that could hold up over time.


“When you think of makeup, the brand that pops into your mind ? for something legit ? is MAC. Whatever color you want, it?s like ?Let?s go to MAC.? I?ve been using MAC on tour for such a long time it was a natural fit for me. I have always loved makeup, and I always said that if I do it, I want to do it with a credible brand.” – Rihanna

the first product to be released from the “riri hearts mac” collection will be “riri woo”, a lipstick inspired by her favorite mac red, to coincide with rihanna?s diamonds tour concerts on may 4 and 5 at the barclays center in brooklyn, where mac will also open a pop-up shop on the first night to show off the line. “riri woo” will also be her signature piece of the line and will be included in each of her four releases including a her summer, fall and holiday collections.

the summer collection also includes two additional lipsticks, a lustre drops shade and a powder blush duo. for fall she’ll deliver up 16 pieces including four lipsticks, “riri woo” in a lipglass, two multishade eye shadow palettes and false lashes. for the fourth and final holiday release we’ll get 10 additional items, including nail polish, a makeup bag and even more lipsticks.

less you let her history and controversial relationship with chris brown sway you, john demsey, group president of the est?e lauder and mac?s parent company, says they are not bothered with it and see far past it, “she?s a grown woman, and whatever makes her happy makes us happy. life?s complicated. far be it for us to judge.”

all you mac fans get excited and get ready to deal with massive online traffic and crazy, fast sellouts especially of her lipstick, which she emphasizes works on all skin tones, “working with mac, it?s difficult to get a red lipstick that beats ruby woo, because it works on every skin tone. i had so many different samples to choose from and so many different colors underneath ? blue, yellow, orange and pink bases. and i got to pick one that worked, and i tried it on all my friends to make sure it worked on all of our skin tones.”

clutch your wallets and check out the full rundown on the partnership on wwd.

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  • Karen Winter

    I agree with Mr. Demsey, she’s a grown woman and can make her own life decisions. I don’t even wear makeup that often, but I WILL go purchase her line to support my sister!

  • Tia

    I’m not a M.A.C junkie (although they have some good products) and I CAN’T wear/use anything associated with Riri lol…but keep making that money girl, people are willing to give it to you!!!