It’s recently come to our attention that we all should have kept a running list of the things our moms, grandmas and older sisters probably all said would happen to us once we became an “adults.” Things like how it’s harder to lose weight once you get older or how learning to cook is actually an essential skill or how you’d probably one day be using the same beauty products their using. If you were anything like us you would have thought you could eat Cap’n Crunch and Maruchan Chicken Ramen for the rest of you life and there was absolutely, positively no way I’d ever be caught using your mom’s face products when you “got old” (old being anything over 25). And if you’re anything else like us you may be well on your way to giving Martha a run for her money all while trying to beast off a few extra pounds in the gym that seem to be stuck to your thighs like glue and figuring out your changing skin routine. To help you along in your journey, we’ve partnered with Olay to bring you a few beauty tips (both free and affordable) on beauty routines that help to keep you feeling young and vibrant.

After zeroing on a few things that work to help keep us feeling young and fresh as a part of our beauty routines, we’ve come to realize that our moms, grandmas and older sisters were indeed right…about everything. In addition to consistently working out during the week and eating for a healthy body and just a healthy overall glow (the whole 80/20 rule is working wonders), we agree that yes, having a good facial care regimen for both day and night is without a doubt one of the things that works. It takes effort to look and feel your best, but that effort does not have to be in vain, nor does it have to be time consuming or expensive.

A few of us here, like the women before us who told us this would happen, are part of the Olay crowd and have been for a while. One of our favorite products in their lineup that works great for late 20s on skin is the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. It helps to keep your skin smooth and clear and calm any redness around red winter noses or red flushed skin. We also like it because it works like a more expensive cream thanks to the niacinamide and multiple peptides but without the price tag. It delivers an instant glow and leaves your skin feeling very velvety, making you ready for a day with or without makeup.

So now were passing the word on to you. If you’re looking for a moisturizing skin cream as you beautify and amp up your skin routines (we recommend this more so for late 20s on as then is when you’ll start noticing changes in you skin the most) you might want to give Olay a try. It’s not a classic American beauty staple for nothing. And listen, have a burger here and there and enjoy lazy Sundays. Efficient beauty routines are simply about making smart choices. Picking the better deal between a hamburger versus say a homemade veggie burger. You still get the “burger” but without the side of guilt if you go with the healthier alternative more often than not. Taking the stairs versus the elevator and working out a few times a week to keep your heart and lungs strong and taking care of your skin by washing your face day and night and using proven skin care products. Over time, these simple steps will add up to a healthier more vibrant you.

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