Good morning, sunshine. It’s time to get that sleepy head out of bed. Now before you start with your daily routine, stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Ah ah ah. Don’t pick at that pimple that crept up in the middle of the night. Stop scrunching up your face and obsessing over those microscopic wrinkles on your forehead. Just stand back and take in your own reflection like you’re looking at a piece of art at a museum. Isn’t it just beautiful? So why is it that you pile on layer upon layer of makeup everyday?


Don’t get it twisted…I absolutely adore makeup. I check out beauty blogs on the regular. The use of colors, contouring, and shading to highlight your greatest features is just fantastic. But what irks me is slapping on too much makeup. Girl, why do you do that to yourself? You do realize that even RuPaul doesn’t wear that much face. I mean, really? It’s one thing to wear a splash of color here or there on a night out, but when you’re wearing a full mask out to work everyday…That’s just ridiculous.

How about we try something new? Natural looking makeup for black women (or for any other skin tone on the rainbow) – is the same for everyone – it’s all about the products you choose. It’s that “less is more” bullseye that we have to hit for glowing, “barely there” makeup. And with a few simple products, you can hit that target every day. Get the makeup tips on my blog.

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