having heard so much about Mixed Chicks Shampoo i had to finally give it a whirl. already a fan of the leave-in i wanted to try the shampoo. knowing that the Mixed Chicks Shampoo had sulfates, i waited until i need a good scrub a dub to my roots and scalp to try it out. not all shampoos with sulfates are bad and this mixed chicks shampoo and conditioner combo worked out quite nicely.


the opinions about the shampoo varied so much from “hated it” to “loved it!” and i wanted to know for myself how this cult brand stood up to curls and kinks like mine so i took the plunge. like your regular run-of-the-mill sulfate shampoos, Mixed Chicks Shampoo cleansed my hair good. i couldn’t expect my hair to not be stripped when that’s what sulfates do to my curls. however, it was a good stripping if you could describe it as that. my hair didn’t feel over parched after using the shampoo and the uber clean feeling that’s nice to have but one that i like to quickly get rid of, the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner took that immediately away. i was left with bouncy hair and with curls that popped much more than i’d anticipated. i used this combo right before i blew out my hair, and my blow out came out really, really nice and fluffy which i knew had a lot to do with the shampoo in the this case – cleaning my hair of buildup, and the leave-in – not being too heavy but still moisturizing enough to lend to soft, fluffy hair. together these two products worked great to clean my hair of buildup.

though i used to not be too keen on the name of the product line, name aside, this combination works great on curls. there is a Mixed Chicks Sulfate-Free Shampoo availble as well if you are looking to avoid sulfates but paired together, the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner and Mixed Chicks Shampoo provide a good combination for getting a good shampoo and conditioning session in that leads to soft, fluffy hair – whether you’re a mixed chick or not.

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