we love testing and vetting out conditioners. after lipsticks they may just be our second love. it’s always with anticipation that we slather on thick creams and wait patiently to see how they will work. will they work on our hair textures than range from loose curls to tight coils? who will love this? who will hate this? will this make our product edit? does it even matter in the end? is the loch ness monster real? it’s always a guessing game. this time we decided to go a little retro, and try a product that we had not used in a while. i’d been so long in fact, that we just could not remember if it worked or not so we slathered it on our heads again and finally had an answer. yes, we do like Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner.


my hair is type 4 and is both fine and coarse (fun times), so i’m super, super picky when it comes to deep conditioners. i need to be able to feel an almost immediate difference from the moment i apply conditioner to my hair or otherwise it’s a complete wastes of my time and i’ll have to re-condition with something else, doubling my efforts and creating frustration. our hair textures run the gamut from the coarsest kinks to silky, wavy strands, but we all agree that this conditioner works and is best for prepping your hair for heat styling, like a blow out. even though it’s not super moisturizing (and it does not claim to be) you still get the mandatory frizz elimination and moisture and heavy, thick consistency. it’s not a super curl and coil definer but with a few uses, your hair feels stronger and looks shinier. this is a silicone-based conditioner so the slip is nice, and though it’s not the best slip we’ve experience, it detangles well. in the shower, my tangles easily came undone which saves time and prevents headaches. we found that our hair needed some serious moisture after a day or two which is the complete opposite of what we get from oil-based conditioners that can give us two to three days of supple hair with ease, so after conditioning with this a few times more and heat styling, we hit the jackpot. thanks to the silicone, our blow outs looked shiny and our hair, including our roots stayed smoother for about two extra days.

we’d also tested and liked the Mixed Chicks Shampoo and Conditioner as well. to get creative, we tried this Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner with other brands and didn’t notice any difference in performance. it worked well no matter how we used it and it left our hair smelling pretty and feeling soft. is it holy grail? nope. does it work? yes. mission accomplished.

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