Dandruff is a major pain in the ass. We are right there with you on that. It’s one of those things where as soon as you think you have it under control, it sneaks back up on you. Some days are better than others, but getting crazy dandruff buildup or an itchy, dry scalp under control is just so frustrating.

Some people take the tactical approach with their dandruff and scratch their scalp to rid themselves of flakes which is not recommended by any doctor as a fix for dandruff. Honestly, it doesn’t work so you can scratch all you want to – you’re just making room for new flakes and possibly irritating your scalp. Serious tight, dry scalps need a little TLC to break down buildup and lift flakes. The most popular way to deal with dandruff is to see a dermatologist and we will be the first ones to say that seeing your doctor is always the best first approach. But as a backup, and for successful at-home-treatment, you need products that work because a bottle of Head-N-Shoulders does not always cut it.

Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment is a little balm of wonder. It’s like a little super hero in a tin jar. packed with coconut oil, candelilla wax and salicylic acid (formed naturally from meadowsweet), it soothes and calms your scalp all while softening and eradicating flakes so you can get back to a normal feeling scalp again.

The first use of Superbalm was a little tricky for us because it’s not really for your hair so try to avoid doing what we did and avoid your roots as much as possible because you’ll be wasting product (for those of you like us who have a lot of hair, take your time to apply this stuff). Instead get your scalp good and greased up by massaging the balm into your scalp. It starts to go to work quickly and your scalp will feel tingly and soothed as you apply the treatment. The tin is on the smaller side, but a little goes a long way, so it does not take much to do your entire head.

You leave this treatment on your scalp for about 20 minutes and then you wash it out. We’ved wandered around with our scalps covered in green balm for an hour one time, 30 minutes or so the next time and some where in between a few other times. Each time, our scalps responded the same – calmed and soothed and afterwards washed up nice and bright.

The treatment washes out of your head completely with absolutely no residue (we washed it out with both Jason Dandruff Relief 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner and Ouidad Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil) and yay for that. Listen, we are fans of Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment but we don’t want to walk around ruining pillow cases and people’s sofa’s from left over, green scalp grease all while smelling like lavender and camomile. that would be no bueno.

French women have cult-love for cleansing waters for their faces and black women have a lovely relationship with grease and oils – especially “special greases” and this is one to add to the list of must-haves. Anyone battling dandruff and dry scalp can use Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment no matter your hair texture of course, as it’s not just for curly girls, but curly heads will love that it’s very moisturizing and does not strip your hair or your scalp meaning that you don’t have to worry about going crazy with shampoo and conditioner to wash it out. Just proceed as normal with your moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and go on about your flake-free business.

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