rhythm and blues evokes feelings of sweaty, sexy juke joints being caressed by the voice of sug avery in one thought and a shirtless usher singing “nice and slow” in the middle of our living rooms in another. in our heads that’s classic r&b but on our heads, lush’s r&b takes us to another place and gives us a different experience. one without music but instead a place where we can have a hair romance with Lush R&B Revive And Balance Hair Moisturizer.


seductively scented with orange blossom and jasmine, this hair moisturizer – much more akin to a butter – is a wee bit sexy. think, sexy smelling hair with crazy softness. admittedly, Lush R&B Revive And Balance Hair Moisturizer took some time to get used to. it was the smell that threw us back. it’s definitely a love or hate kind of thing but if you’ve ever passed a lush store in the mall – and who hasn’t – then you already know what we are talking about.

to get the most out of this jar, we tried this hair moisturizer a few ways – as a leave-in, as a mid-week refresher for our curls and as an ends treatment. the winner in our books was the ends treatment. applying this hair moisturizer after a shower on 75% dry hair only to our ends helped to keep them soft and slick afor bout 4 days before we needed to reapply. for a mid-week end application, a mist of water and sealing with this moisturizer and our ends were “revived and balanced.”

the first four ingredients are oatmilk, glycerin, avocado butter and olive oil so without any water, we found this to be drying to hair that didn’t have moisture in it already. adding it on top of dry hair just lead to drier hair with r&b on top but adding it to wet hair – specifically our ends meant soft, jasmine-meadow type hair. it also works well on your roots too and keeps them supple – just a mist of water and a little r&b was all it took.

this little jar goes a long way and it’s not a product to get scoop happy with. a quater-sized amount for a whole head or ends application worked great in both cases and the smell lingers like crazy so if you are a scent connoisseur, you’re going to love Lush R&B Revive And Balance Hair Moisturizer.

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