There are tons of products for your natural hair that you could buy at the drugstore but our favorite and most versatile is the leave-in conditioner. It can often be used as a leave-in, daily hair refresher and styler – the curly girl’s three-in-one. Some of the most popular choices are obvious, but with so many options to choose from, you may have missed some of the hidden gems. To start, we’re sharing our easiest to find, favorite light leave-in conditioners (for all curly hair types unless otherwise noted) all easily purchased at your neighborhood drug store.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Detangler And Leave-in
Part of the Dove Nutritive Solutions range this leave-in conditioner spray is very, very light and gentle. When you use it on your hair after a shower it leaves it feeling nourished and smooth. The finish is so light that you may think you need a lot more on your hair but because it’s formulated with argan and almond oil (two very light oils), the finish is weightless. Between washes, this was perfect for days when your hair goes from smooth to a little out of control and the frizz is starting to creep in. Just a few pumps of this spread throughout your hair does the trick. It leaves your hair nice and shiny but not greasy which we liked a lot. As a detangler, we only recommend this for fine textures from wavy to lightly curly hair but as a leave-in and refresher, we liked this most on fine to medium hair of all curl types.

Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisturizing Leave-In Spray
This water-based leave-in was really a surprise we did not see coming and is our new favorite water-based, light leave in conditioner for natural hair. It’s formulated with vitamin E, coconut oil, and honey extract and leaves your hair moisturized and feeling soft and supple like it would if you had used a creamy leave-in. Lots of products have moisturizers but that does not mean that they take to your hair or “work” but that’s not the case for this leave-in. Between the moisturizer (coconut oil) and humectant (honey) plus the other goodies, this seems to be a simple but magical combo. That’s the punch we were just talking about. It also makes your hair feel stronger after a few uses – and not as in that sorta dry, over-dosed with protein strong, but more like a plush, moisturized strength that leaves your hair softer feeling. Like we said before, we love Infusium but our bottles may start collecting dust soon enough…

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Lite
This spray is a beast. It’s a detangler, conditioner, frizz fighter, heat damage soother, volume builder and color saver and you need this in your life. The reason we liked this so much was for the moisturizing natural ingredients like marshmallow root, camellia extract, acai berry (the wonders of which we just broke down for you in Know Your Beauty Ingredients: Acai Berry) and hydrolyzed silk and rice proteins. The smell is heavenly and your hair? Well your hair will be stronger and healthier with some doses of this stuff. We love that the finish is nice and light so that we can use it during the week when we want. It worked amazing on all hair textures.

Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment
We bank on Aveeno for their crazy good lotions but there is so much more to this line like this leave-in treatment. It fulfills hair wishes by leaving your hair moisturized, however, we want to point out that this leave-in does much more. After using this conditioner for about a week – after our shampoo and refreshing three or so times during the week, we were so excited about how our hair felt. It was super, super soft and moisturized and our roots – the ones we sweated out at the gym – stayed supple after we sprayed this on after working out. It’s formulated with a tri-wheat blend which our hair loved. It didn’t leave our hair dry and crispy like some wheat based leave-ins can. This was a completely different experience. We like to think of this as It’s a 10’s half-sister.

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