saying Kelis is back is like saying she left the game which is not a move we could ever see her making. we like to think of it as a vacation hibernation – where she crawls into her warm cocoon of thoughts with pen and pad in hand and makes that magic. though she’s been off of our radars for a minute, the big hared maven we all love to love has been touring europe and writing music and is now serving up some “Jerk Ribs” for all of her die hard fans.


as a side to that fat mikshake she threw your way, she’s sending a plate of meat heavy bones down the counter to keep you full. a teaser to her upcoming album, “Food”, her new single, “Jerk Ribs”, is mid-tempo and so uniquely Kelis. though it does give us vibes of Solange (oh my! are you thinking what we are thinking?! now that would be a boss collabo) there is no confusing that raspy, unforgiving voice crooning over the sounds of trumpets, drums and tambourines which also sounds strongly reminiscent of rhythmic african tribal beats. recently she stated that her new album is going to be darker and deeper and more electro. electro comes as no surprise and dare we say nor does the “darker and deeper”, but hearing just how much deeper and darker is what we are looking forward to the most. she also recently tweeted, “It sounds like love and summer balled up into one!”

love and summer? well, damn! who wouldn’t want some of that? bring it Kelis. deliver girl, because if your new album can keep us full like “Jerk Ribs” can, then we will show up hungry so we can show out!

Download “Jerk Ribs”.

Edited to add her video for the single below.

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