She is confident and bold in expressing her sensuality. Uninhibited in her eroticism, she flows seamlessly from soft and delicate to brash and hard. Absolutely not one to be f***ed with but if given the chance I don’t know many who wouldn’t try. The woman who taught us all how to be nassstay is back with a new album. This is Janet’s 7th number one debut and rightly so. With “Night”, extolling the love of love to “Black Eagle” , stressing the importance of acceptance as well as her new single ““No Sleeep”” rounding out her newest effort “Unbreakable”. Through her albums, we are attending Janet Jackson master classes in sexuality, humanity and love. In fact, throughout Ms. Jackson’s career, she has been there for us, like a mentor. Teaching us lessons through lyrics and providing us with a soundtrack for those intimate, intense, and inflamed moments. From the first kiss, to insatiable desire to rebellion. Janet has given us a beautifully poetic and rigorous course load. Here are some key lessons she has guided us through.

The First Boyfriend
“Let’s Wait A While”

“You know you can’t rush love”, too true. Here, she professes her love and devotion for her boo, while asserting that she is not ready to rush the psychical aspect of their relationship. This message is a powerful one of explicit consent and so very relevant.

The First Crush/When You Realized You Had A Future as a Detective
“He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive”

A sleeper cut. Okay, borderline creeper status but lets admit to the call and hang up, the drive by, the surreptitiously acquired picture, the Facebook stalking; I mean I could do go on but I’d rather not implicate myself in a potential crime. In this classic 80’s pop jam, Janet laments her obsession over a boy she knows, although he apparently is unaware of her existence. As if that’s even possible, but we’ve all been there. She explains the lengths she goes to just be in his presence, ending with a confrontation when he catches her creeping outside his house! Complete with Janet’s trademark giggles and a chorus that encourages her to “talk to him.”

The boyfriend that just does NOT get it. Ugh.
“Pleasure Principle”

You shouldn’t have to explain things but you do. Just being around this guy is the equivalent to being stuck in the worst traffic jam; “Thank you for the ride nowhere!” The video is a personal favorite; Ms. Janet dancing solo in a warehouse, punching sharply to each cymbal crash, accenting the percussion with lightening accuracy. From the wardrobe to the choreography it is everything. EVERYTHING! Watch this video and revel in its simple charm.

The Fight (leading to the break-up)
“What Have You Done Lately”

Anthem for those who are tired of their partners taking them for granted. “Who’s right”? We know no one ever wins, but we can all agree this chorus is the perfect retort to anyone overstepping their bounds. oooOOoooooOOYEAH!

Wanting Someone That Isn’t Yours

Janet described this as the “ultimate female fantasy”, teasing and flirting with a man that is unavailable. Using your sexuality to draw out what you want, even if its off limits. Its a fantasy for a reason, it’s taboo, a shunned behavior, yet no one can deny the fact; when someone is taken, it makes them that much more alluring. There’s science to back this up I’m not a man stealing heifer!

Popped a Molly I’m Sweatin’

You can hear the remixes of this song from a mile away. It is just primed and waiting to become a dance hit! The catchy chorus “I woke up in heaven in the morning / with a big smile up on my face”, simple lyrics, fun electronic beat, and of course a dance break down. This “I – love – everyone – you’re – all – so – beautiful -lets – dance” formula is Janet’s forte. You don’t stand a chance against this song. You will dance.


Not since Anais Nin has there been a more poetic, yet raunchy description of a fellatio. Yep, dome. Oral sex. Head. Janet is giving this, incredibly, lucky man some top and has blessed us with the opportunity to listen in as she details exactly what she’s going to do. “Kissing on your neck, rubbing on your leg / slide a little further / I think feel you get erect”, yes. All kinds of yes. She is in total control here, sexual assertion and consent are requisite in Jackson’s world, Take notes. There will be a *pop* quiz.
*Play this song for anyone who hasn’t heard it and record their reaction, send it to us!*


Reciprocity is the name of the game, “Now it’s my turn”, she demands in the final seconds of “Warmth” . Her ode to oral it’s complete with “Moist”, a cunnilingus anthem. To the people that cringe at the sound of this word, get over it. Janet makes all words sound sexy. But overused metaphors aside, “waves of passion” and “make the rain come down”, this song still is brimming with lyrics that don’t shy away from the pleasure she feels while partner is eating her peach.

Extra Credit

Owning Your Individuality

The message bears repeating, self reliance is the key to success. Individuality is of the utmost importance, which Janet embodies in the musicality of this jam. She explores a serious new vocal styling; deep, throaty and androgynous.

Accepting and Appreciating Differences
“Black Eagle”

Inspired by current events, “Black Eagle” beautifully expresses Janet’s frustration with prejudice and violence, “I’m singing this love song to show my support/To the beautiful people who have been ignored”. She is honoring the lives that have been taken and asking us all to do better.

Tell us your favorite Janet songs and a little bit about why, what you think it’s about, why you appreciate it.

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