“My natural hair color is light brown almost a dark blonde. My hair used to be really blonde when I was a child but I guess it forgot about its roots. I?ve dyed my hair other colors but I’ve been blonde for about 2 years this time and I love it. I kept seeing pictures of myself as a kid with blonde natural hair and I decided to give golden blonde hair a try again.

I color my hair myself. I use Garnier Nutrisse 93 Light Golden Blonde (Honey Butter). I think what probably makes the color stick is that my hair is not extremely dark. So far the box colors work for me. As far as I can tell I don’t have any noticeable changes to my hair since I’ve been coloring since my hair. It has always been a little in the dry side, but I am more on top of my hair with leave-in conditioners, deep conditioning and oils. It crossed my mind a couple times to go to the salon to get my hair colored, but I did it a long time ago and the results were horrible. I really disliked it because it came out too light and the lady insisted on bleaching my hair and I let her do it. I knew I didn?t need it but it happened anyway. Since then I don?t really trust anybody when it comes to coloring my hair. The color I get at home is pleasing to me so I stick to the routine of doing it myself.

I only use sulfate free shampoos and hair cleansers and I avoid gels that are not made for curly hair. Before I wasn?t so careful. I make sure to use the best products I can possibly afford. I used to just buy any products or gels and my hair would be very dry and frizzy and it took forever to detangle and I’d end up loosing a lot of hair. Now I read more about products for natural hair, ask questions and spend a little money when necessary. I wash my hair weekly, I use DevaCurl Low-Poo and DevaCurl One Condition. After washing and rinsing my hair I apply a generous amount of the One Condition along with DevaCurl Set It Free. I love the results. I deep condition my hair every two to three weeks using Dominican Hair Product Naturals Key Aloe Vera And Avocado Treatment Conditioner. I leave it from one day to the other and I also use coconut oil and olive oil.

I also love Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls for styling. I love the smell and the way my hair feels after, soft and bouncy and with a lot of definition. Sometimes Use the TRESemm? Flawless Curls Conditioner to detangle. It’s silicone free and makes my hair very easy to manage. Lastly when I have styled my hair and it’s totally dry, I use the Rusk Deep Shine Oil Treatment. It smells great and dissolves really fast. My hair looks shinny and smells really good after using it.

I?ve been natural for about 17 years. I had to do two big chops. The first one was because I used to relax my hair and the second was due to heat damage. The last time I cut my hair was on June for my birthday. I would say I?m rocking 10 years worth of growth.

I?m originally from the Dominican Republic, a little town from the south of the country called San Juan De La Maguana very close to Haiti almost by the border. I have many family members that are natural but they don?t all have curly hair. My family is like a big melting pot. Most of them have straight or wavy hair and they always blow it out. Is not a Dominican thing to have a big curly or kinky afro. When it comes to hair I believe thereare a lot of European influence dictating Dominican women hair styles though that’s simply my opinion. Growing up it was always considered “prettier” and very “lady like” to see a young girl with perfectly straight hair, in place, neat and long.

My family that live in the US are more exposed other women with natural hair. They’ve gotten used to it and for the most part they love it and accept it. My sister-in-law is natural so that?s a big plus. We always talk about our hair regimens and share different products and tricks. My family in DR are okay because they can?t change my mind about it, but they’d rather me have straight hair and look more “proper” and “put together” according to their standards.

Beyond my hair color, I?d like to serve as an inspiration for young ladies to embrace and love their natural hair, even if it takes time and trying different things. Natural curly/kinky hair does grow and is absolutely beautiful and manageable. Having the right information and products can save a lot of time, but most importantly accepting oneself is key to loving and taking care of our natural hair.

As for the infamous question, do blondes have more fun? Absolutely yes. But it’s tricky, I am having more fun as a blonde because I love the color. But I also believe that as a woman, being comfortable and happy in the skin we?re in will make us have more fun and able to enjoy life. If changing your hair color helps, hey why not give it a try? It’s about working with what we’ve got and accessorizing it accordingly.” – Ivette Pi?a

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