it’s a given that many of us are way past chemicals but not showing off the versatility of our hair. if you want texturize natural hair without chemicals then have a seat and take notes from this fun tutorial on how to naturally add texture to your kinks with just a little wet hair, a bottle of curling cream and a little palm motion. with that quick combination you can rock out to too cute texturized kinks that are way more fly that a jar of lye could ever create!


felicia worked her magic as usual and that’s why i love her! her styles are always on trend and effective, leaving your hair one step a head of the style game but always with health in mind first.

by just using a bottle of hair rules curly whip, on wet, kinky, natural hair, this twa was transformed into a cute “texturized” style that amps it way up and brings major dopness to the coils. you can also try shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie or shea radiance maximun curl defining cream mixed with a soft hold gel like devacurl arc angel. if you go the hair rules route, you can finish this style up with the hair rules finishing cream which keeps your kinks and curls looking smooth and shiny all day long. it also locks in moisture to protect hair from humidity and environmental damage, while reducing frizz and flyaways

if i had a twa i would sure rock this “texturized” natural hair style to show off my twa assets and put on my best outfit to show off my other assests. this boss twa is unstoppable at best.

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  • Lola

    Really great tip!! I am definitely trying this out as soon i get my hands on hair rules curly whip

  • Emma

    I just tried this on my son’s hair, and it Really Works!! I tried mine first but it’s to long.
    Really a great idea to try for those whose choose to be chemical free!! 😀

  • Browngirl411

    I’m 3 week out since the BC and this is how I rock my twa everyday! I use a soft bristle club brush and Shea Moisture Curling Souffle, which works great on my 4c hair and keeps it moisturized ALL day. I love the texture I get with this styling method. And it’s SO FAST!

    • Sade’

      How are you enjoying your BC? :)

      • Browngirl411

        I love it! I’m totally obsessed with my hair. It’s a cake walk right now. I can’t wait for enough length to try my first twist out!

  • Gemlocs

    I do this as well with a sponge which gives me better, quicker results than with my hand or a brush.

  • mangomadness

    This is super cute! I wish I knew about this when I had my TWA–I would have rocked the hell ot of this.

  • Allysha

    Is there any alternative products that can be used? The hair rules curly whip is getting horrible reviews and for 21 dollars it needs 4 stars in my book lol

  • Brianna

    I own a bottle of curly whip at home, it really was not the best investment. It made my hair very dry and matted, and it isn’t like I used the product wrong. I have gone to the Hair Rules salon here in NYC, and though they give awesome, and expensive, blow outs and cuts, when I said I wanted to go curly, they put Curly Whip in my wet hair, had me bend over and shake my head around, and then stuck me under the hair dryer. My hair felt the same as when I did it at home, dry and brittle :( It does give good texture if you do it right, (as in you sit until it dries completely, which can take HOURS without a hair dryer, an hour and a half with one, otherwise one can go to bed with damp hair filled with the product and wake up with a matted fro) but the feel it gave my hair wasn’t worth it. I am sure there are better alternatives to this

  • Sherry

    I think one could use Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie or Curl Milk ($9.99) @ Walgreens or Target or

  • Sara

    Maybe I’m the exception here, but her hair looked better before :/

  • Raja

    Is there a technique fot shoulder length hair? The palm rolling on longer hair will just cause tangles

  • Ms. Amena

    I’d go a different way product wise. Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie for moisture and shine and a little gel for hold. and have great natural options and unnatural option hands down Olive oil Eco-styler.
    But awesome technique for sure!

  • Dani

    This is neat!!

  • Nicole

    beautiful results!! thanks for caring enough to share!