How To Learn To Love Your Breasts
Photo: Riot By Monti. Riot is a sexy swimwear line that celebrates the female body.

Alo Lovelies. I don’t know why, but every time I have a cup of tea, I feel as if my senses get going and the neurons in my brain get to racing. Oh yes, it is called caffeine. Besides that stimulant, the act of drinking tea makes me feel warm, cozy and gets me to thinking. So I felt inspired to share some of my caffeinated thoughts I think I’ll call “Tea Time Tidbits” where I share little nuggets of inspiration and the random going ons in my head.

The first one is about loving yourself. So cliche, but something that needs to be said. Many people out there, women and men, don’t love themselves. They have issues with embracing who they are and fully loving all that God gave them. Inside and out.

I figured I would start with the outside. I was checking out Tracee Ellis Ross’ website (which is great btw) and she had a wonderful post about breasts. It was about her breasts, how she feels about her own and the unrealistic view society has on the way breasts should look.

“I believe our bodies are sacred and wise and beautiful. I’m drawn to anything “natural,” and so, I love boobs of all shapes and sizes: big, small, sloppy, raisins, tits, milk-duds, fake, real, flat, bra or no bra. I call my breasts “boobs,” but if I was looking at my breasts from the outside I would probably refer to them as tits. I think my tits are quite pretty and I like where God placed them. They are teardrop-shaped, which is to say they’re bottom heavy. They make me feel French and I think French women are sexy. The chest of a French woman is gorgeous. They call it la poitrine, and to me it’s one of the most elegant parts of a woman’s body.[…]

A natural breast is more like a raw or very softly boiled egg. Depending on the size of your natural breasts, or your age, or how many children you’ve had, natural breasts can shift positions depending on where you move, and can even go under your arm or flat like a pancake. Mine sit up cute when I’m standing and fall flat like a raw egg when I’m on my back. There are brassieres that transform my low boobs into round, fake-looking bazongas. These brassieres are said to “magically ‘transform’ you”, but, truth be told they’re more like torture devices, pulling your flesh into places it never intended to go. […]

Let’s [remember] that we all come in different shapes and sizes, and that beauty cannot be defined by a single category. And let’s remember that the drop and movement of a natural breast is wonderfully sexy.” – To read all of her thoughts, click here.

After reading Tracee’s words, I felt more secure with my breasts. I’ve always looked at them as not attractive in the nude, that they should be higher up and they look much better in the dark. I didn’t really love my boobs. Her piece was uplifting (no pun intended) because it made me realize God made my boobs, everyone’s boobs are different and I should love my boobs!

With that said, love yourself and simply make the choice to love your breasts. What you think are imperfections are really what makes you, you. Sets you apart from everyone else. No one is perfect, we’re all imperfect so love yourself. You’re GREAT! (And your boobs are lovely)

– Allison Miché

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