we admit, buns are nothing new and are often a go to style when you find yourself at odds with how to style your hair. however, when done right and worn with that perfect outfit, a simple bun can be one of the most stunning natural hair styles you can don. this natural hair high bun tutorial shows you how easy it is to create a dramatic high bun quickly and easily.


vaughn took her natural bun to new heights by adding a simple two dollar pack of braid hair which took her look from tr?s cute to tr?s boss. by adding the illusion of a thicker, overflowing bun, this style goes from day to night glam and when paired with just the right makeup, the high bun is highlighted even more.

to get this bun you’ll need 100% Kanekalon Jumbo Braid hair, and the key for this style to look pulled together – a soft holding styling gel. our favorite no, flake soft holding gels are Hair Rules Curly Whip Styling Gel-Cream, Curls Goddess Curls and L’Oreal Everstyle Curl Defining Gel.

one of the most appealing things about this style is that can be done for almost any occasion. less the fact that it’s “dramatic”, it can easily be worn out on the town with your girls, to brunch with the family or to a wedding, as a guest or the bride! by making the bun a bit smoother, this style would look stunning on a bride who’s going for a glam, black-tie feel on her wedding day.

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  • mtownkatiej

    This is awesome! I’m gonna try this with some marley braiding hair. It’s highly textured instead of straight! Love it!

  • Carla