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Supposedly, no matter what our silky polyester labels delicately instruct us to do nor that pesky urban legend touted as fact that says something like women should not wear their bra more than twice without washing it, we’re just not listening…or caring? We’re out here in these streets marinating in lace and satin.

In theory, it might sound kinda gross to hear that on average, women wear their bras for about a week before they wash them. Yes, that’s a wash for every five wears, and honestly we can’t say we’re surprised. The average for us here is three and a half days (a midday laundry routine makes up the half for those who are wondering) but we can see five and some of us have done a lot more.

So we asked a few women how often they wear their bras before washing on average. We asked them to exclude special occasions and the one offs when they wear a matching set for a day and the responses we got were mixed but still very similar:

“Once a week, a five day week, like clockwork.”

“I usually go a while. If the baby spits up on me then I’ll wash it, otherwise I wear them about a week or more. But I’m in ‘new, exhausted mom land’ and have boring bras anyway so that might not count as normal.”

“My husband is always saying that I don’t need any new bras because I always wear the same ones! I rotate between my three favorite bras that don’t have nipple slips or any crazy pinching or sexy but shows under everything lace and I wear each one about four to five days each and then switch out.”

[Laughs] “Really? Okay, about every seven or eight days. That’s for wearing and washing. I want to think I do it more but unless I’m having sex then nah.”

“Daily. I hand wash every night in the shower. I always wear matching sets so I have to wash daily because I don’t ever buy extra underwear to match my bras.”

“When I was single, every two days and sometimes daily. I was Samantha in my head! Always ready! But once I met my wife, that changed. My lingerie game was on point. I still have nice stuff, but now I go about a week in the nice stuff. She does not mind at all.”

Okay, so we surmise that women are rationalizing all this wear and repeat the same way we are: we don’t sweat every day or if we do it’s so minute it doesn’t count. If we soak through our bra then a new bra goes into rotation and a wash is due, that’s a no brainer, but anything outside of that–except sexual readiness and seduction; cause it’s hard to do that in the same bra from the night before like it won’t be noticed–then it’s all fair game the next day and days after that. And when we do wash our bras we know exactly how to do it properly, what type of detergent to use, and even made a really pretty video on how to wash your dedicates that you can watch below.

So we want to know, how long do you wear your bra before washing it? Every time you wear them or after a week or so? Let’s talk about it! (If you want to be anonymous, leave your real email address [only we will see it and may need to email you about your response for a spin off piece] and put your name as ‘Anonymous’)

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