i don’t think we could ever get tired of pinned up hair. especially hair that’s only half pinned it. it’s sexy in a very charming, “oh, i didn’t realize my hair was giving you life” way. it’s a very young and fresh look that anyone can pull off. yes, anyone. a pinned flat twist and curls may look like it’s only suited for the young but is instead a style that can refresh the face of anyone wearing it – anyone who still feels young at heart.


by simply working on on old twist out – because we all know that’s the most supreme way to get super fat hair – taking half of it down, making one fat flat twist and pinning it back and fluffing out the other side of your hair makes for some sexy hair – a sexy “deep part and a twist out” as lee calls it. so simple yes so easily not done if you are stuck in a styling warp.

even i have to catch myself sometimes, you know, doing the same style over and over again, but even though i die for a boss twist or braid out, i also die for a boss half pinned up hairstyle. styles like these, though so simple, reminds me and everyone here who’s just as into hair as i am that we are still young and fresh and to keep mixing it up all the time. (sings: “We are young, we run green, Keep our teeth, nice and clean, See our friends, see the sights, feel alright…!“)

by adding a little Jane Carter Creamy Leave-In Styling Smoother, lee, was able to smooth the side of her head that she added the flat twist to. we are fans of the creamy leave-in as well as Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer which works well but does not weight hair down or leave it greasy.

to keep a style like this looking supreme, a great hair oil will add shine and sheen and make sure that your flat twists shines bright (like a diamond). a little Organic Peach Scented Virgin Coconut Oil will do the trick or a little Shea Moisture Organic Hold & Shine Hair Moisture Mist is a great choice to add smoothness and silkiness to your hair – something that amps this style up.

you may or may not want to rock that bubble gum pink MAC ‘Viva Glam Nicki’ Lipstick that lee is rocking as well which really takes this style coupled with her beautiful honey blonde color to a new level. (as a makeup artists she has crazy skills so be sure to subscribe to her channel as we are already big fans) we can so see this being a date hairstyle when coupled with that pink lipstick that just might make him want to go in for the kill at the end of the night.

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