“I’m a fashion enthusiast who loves great style, art, culture, pina coladas, good music, food, and yard sales. I own BUM-CAKE, a vintage clothing boutique and I’m also a fashion blogger. I currently have an obsession with coconut water and matcha green tea ice cream. I recently had a red eared slider turtle named Franklin Myrtle, but I had to give him up for adoption, but I do love dogs.


My natural hair falls somewhere in between curly and wavy… and if ‘messy’ were a category, it would be that. I’ve been natural for approximately 5 years now. I honestly went natural because I had a bad experience with hair color, so in order to nurse my hair back to normal, I stopped using all harmful chemicals…I also just got tired of the process, so for maintenance reasons as well. I used to use DevaCurl products which all work extremely well, but recently I’ve been using Shea Moisture curl products. I use the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie every day. I also use Queen Helene Royal Curl Stay Clean Shampoo and Queen Helene Royal Curl Moisture Rich Conditioner like twice a week. I pretty much just wear my natural hair out every day or in a high bun on hotter days and I’m not really in to hair accessories…I use bobby pins sometimes if those count.

I’m mainly do my hair myself, but I recently went to the salon to get the “ombre” ends done to my hair, so for things like that or to get my ends trimmed, I go to the salon. I used to wear my hair straight all the time up until a year and a half ago. I sometimes straighten it if I’m super bored. When I do straighten, I use Chi or Biosilk shampoo, conditioner, and serum. I blow dry it in sections with a brush or comb and use a flat iron.

My fashion sense is uninhibited yet modest. I like to keep it classy even when I’m going for a “sexier” look. My boyfriend calls it “sexy granny” when I’m dressed up for a party/event, but I like to call it “granny chic”. I definitely incorporate vintage pieces into my daily wardrobe. When it’s cold out, I love sweaters and penny loafers all the time. When it’s hot out, I like high-waisted or belted shorts/skirts with light knitted tops–anything flowy. This summer, I tried channeling the 70s. During the in-between seasons, I just like to layer everything. I get my inspiration from things from the past as well as my mood and just everyday life I guess.

I don’t know if my natural hair will inspire others, but I definitely think if someone is considering going natural then, they should try it out. Don’t be afraid to wear it natural, find products that work with your hair and try out as many as you like until you find the right ones and try different styles. The resources are definitely out there like this site.

During my college days, one of my professors once told me that if I followed these these rules, I’d be fine in life; always tell the truth, save for a rainy day, read as much as you can, and stay away from cigarettes. I thought he made a pretty valid statement even though I can’t say that I follow these all the time, but for some reason they stick out in my mind and I thought I’d share that.” – Christiana

  • http://www.thebookwormgiraffe.blogspot.de giggles

    Lovely post!!!i love that messy should be a new way to describe hair!the shots are lovely and Christina photographs so well!Loving you ever so much guys!xoxo

  • culturegirl12

    Really great post, I enjoyed reading it. Love the platform that Angel has created by inspiring so many women, like myself to be fearless in her endeavors. Sisterhood is extremely important to me especially because I have three sisters that I truly love and admire. We all have something exciting and special about us and it feels good to share and to uplift other women who are strong, passionate, loving and committed to what they do best and love most. Christina, you are very beautiful and I love your crispness, sheer innocence and realness that was captured in your story, which is the essence of true beauty. Thanks for allowing Angel to use her platform to share your story and inspire others to simply…be.

  • http://blackandolives.blogspot.com Black and Olive

    I am definitely diggin her style! I died laughing when she said that her boyfriend calls her sexy granny! Love that, reminds me of my foolish man!

  • omfg

    i like the update to the site. it’s nice.

    now if only you stopped screening your comments so much…

    • Angel

      mero, i’m glad you like the update!

      i don’t know what you mean by screening however, as for the comments overall, they will always be screened for profanity and outright disrespect. i have always allowed people to freely express themselves here but everyone must ALWAYS be respectful. those are the rules and that will never change because this is not the kind of website where disrespect abounds and people are allowed to “go off” on each other or curse and act a fool. we also have a spam filter on the site so sometimes people’s comments could accidentally get caught in spam and be deleted by the filter. sometimes we catch them and other times we do not. also, we do not allow people to try to sneak and advertise in the comments either. most all websites filter comments.

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    love the title. Bum-Cake! Awesome.

  • Niah

    Love this post! I love her style, her hair and she is absolutely gorgeous!!! I have a question for Christiana, so I hope she see’s this comment. After years of straightening her hair, I wondered if she noticed a change in her hair texture or if it curled right back to it’s normal texture. I get nervous about heat damage, but certain seasons of the year, I prefer to wear my hair straight, just don’t want to lose my kink! :)

    • Christiana

      Thank you soooo much for your comment!–so kind of you!! It initially loosened the curl when I would try and wear it curly, but after continuously wearing it natural, the curl was back to normal in a few months (if that). I think it’s okay if you wear your hair straight every so often as long as you give your hair a break from it often enough as well.