we never like to forget about all the awesome products we have stashed in our product closet. sometimes it takes going backwards a little bit to be reminded of all of the good things we come across and sometimes forget about. one of those things is the Bumble and bumble Mending line.


designed for hair that’s been to hell and back – or at least dyed, fried and laid to the side once too many, the Mending Shampoo, Mending Conditioner and Mending Masque are ultra-mild and moisture-rich treatments perfect for curly heads that have regular dates with color, keratin or straightening treatments. Bumble and bumble Mending Shampoo works like any regular shampoo would except that it’s salt and sulfate free. the benefit there is that it leaves your hair less dry and stripped of your natural oils and it protects color treated hair meaning it helps to prevent your hair dye from fading.

if your curls are a bit on the straw-esque side, the Bumble and bumble Mending Conditioner is potent enough to start working out the damage. granted, nothing can totally repair damaged hair except time and growth, but, maintaining the hair you have until all of your healthier strands grow in is essential and this potent, lightweight leave-in works by combatting dry strands. some of the ingredients are creatine which conditions hair, pantethine which repairs, strengthens, moisturizes, and protects your curls, a lipid blend of linoleic acid, cholesterol, squalane, phospholipids and barley and wheat germ extracts which promotes moisture, strengthening, softness, smoothness, shine, and resilience, panthenol a.k.a. pro-vitamin b5 which promotes moisture balance and phytantriol which protects against heat damage and flyaways and promotes hydration.

the final piece to the mending puzzle is a good deep conditioning masque and the Bumble and bumble Mending Masque, like i’s leave-in counterpart, is full of great “mending” ingredients except that it goes on heavier and thicker and we like this as an end treatment as well. it works to seal fried ends (you know the ones you are holding on to until you get your next trim) and makes your hair shiny and soft. smooth some of this over your ends 30 minutes before your shower and you’ll notice a difference – we saw significant difference by the second use.

if you use heat and other styling treatments on your hair, keeping the damage at bay is a must but using the right products is the key to getting this done. we like this Bumble and bumble MendingBumble and bumble Mending trio for the task of taking curls that have seen better days and bringing them back to life.

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