every now and again i think many of women, no matter their hair?texture, go through a phase where you stand in the mirror looking back at the hair that covers your head and think, “maybe i should big chop.” “maybe i should just cut it all off and start over.” big chopping again is a thought will cross many a curl-haired women’s mind. it’s a phase we all go through long after we’ve gone through the often annoyingly long process of growing out our hair. or sometimes we need to cut our hair because of a hair disaster or setbacks like heat damage, horrible color or a bad hair cut or a break up. so the scissors come out for the brave and a cut ensues. but after the hair has fallen, after the curls are no longer falling down your back, you think, “i did the big chop, now what?” and that’s when it’s time to be the most assured with the decision you just made because there is no going back.


recently i’ve been wavering about cutting my hair. for some reason i have this urge to have really short hair. this is a constant thought that is always in the back of my head. i went super short in high school. i’m talking toni braxton short, not halle berry in jungle fever short. it was short and i loved it. though a pain in the derri?re to grow out, i loved my short hair and could see myself big chopping agin one day soon.

big chopping again can be fun for those who allow the process to not overwhelm them. just the descriptive name we’ve attached to cutting off all of our curly hair is both bold and risque which makes it even more appealing. saying, “i chopped off my hair!” seems almost heroic as if you went to battle and came out unscathed.

recently, taren had her hair professionally chopped off into a chic short do. her new style adds a flair to her look that even her big over-sized hair did not. it’s sassy and short in a way that big hair can’t be because it’s such a different feel and look. with short hair it’s like you are saying to the world, “here is my face. look at it.” we can hide behind our floppy fros but with hair as sort as four to six inches, it’s hard to do that, so big chopping again is a great way to test your limits when it comes to what you hair can and cannot do for your style.

as i type this, my chopping contemplative thoughts grow louder and thus, i’m still going keep the idea of big chopping in the back of my head. while i mull over the next pair of shears that will grace my strands, i’ll be watching as a bystander as all the other ladies take the scissors to their manes, until i’m ready to snip all of my hair off too.

big chopping after growing out your hair is not really a novel idea – single white females have been doing it all while waiting to exhale. and like the movies show us, the act can surely awaken a sleeping giant – an inner short-haired goddess if you would, that thrives off of short hair if you succumb to the six inch and under club. maybe it’s time you found out who you are with short hair. maybe it’s time i found out again who i am with short hair. at the end of the day, everybody deserves to feel like grace jones at least one time in their lives.

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  • Moanmyname (Certified now!)

    no thanks. i dont think i will be doing another bc for now. the goal is to get long hair now

  • copelli21

    My struggle is having the patience NOT to cut and grow my hair out. I LOVE short hair, but I am curious to see how my hair would be longer and I’d like to try some of the cute styles that I see the ladies do with their natural hair.

    I guess I’ll have to keep praying for patience, because I was about to whip out the clippers just last night. *sigh*


    I actually will be doing another big chop in a few weeks!!! I’ve been natural for almost five years and I’m bored with it. SN: If anyone knows a banging stylist in Atlanta (that can CUT natural hair), let me know!

  • Ronnie B

    I did a BC last wednesday, I did my last BC on August 5 2007, and since then my hair had grown past my shoulders. I wore it in braids, two strands, then i flat ironed it for the first time last year, which was wonderful. However after years of black dye i wanted to take the dye out, and the stripping process left my natural hair semi-processed. After a while i cut 4 inches off and i had a banging asymetrical flat ironed look, however i began to feel imprisoned by my flat ironed. With the top layer of my hair semi-processed by the stripping, and the bottom layer curly, i decided the BC was needed to feel free…and i feel fab again…

  • Anonda

    I miss my longish wash and go (the length of the first picture).
    It was just so nice and the shortness really worked with my curl pattern.
    Now it is long I love updos, I but miss the sass of the shorter do.
    I would really love an edgier cut like Kesh- shaved but still long through the crown and front. I’m seriously thinking about it. It feels like time for a change.

  • http://diaryofakinkycurlytransitioner.wordpress.com/ Alice

    I’m considering a Big Chop. I kinda over being “the girl with the hair.”

  • atribitt

    i wonder if a lot of naturals who have grown their hair long may have an attachment to their hair? i just big chopped for the first time so i can’t say. i’m going to try and keep it in the back of my head that 1)it’s just hair, it will grow back, and 2)i cannot be attached to my long hair.
    now that i know what i look like with 1 in. of hair, i know that even after i grow my hair to waist length, i can still look fierce with a twa! i guess we’ll see if i would be willing to give it up after i get there!

  • Krisdion

    I just took about 4 inches off! It was freeing and liberating. I originally did the BC October of 2009. I have always had the mentality, “It’s just hair. It will grow back.”

  • http://www.thebfbee.com BrownFace

    I’m SERIOSULY contemplating a BC and I want to try a nice color once/if I do it. I big chopped in April 2006 (shaved head and all), then had to re-cut in November 2006 because of a barber who hacked up my hair. I’m kinda bored with my length now. It’s not super long or anything, just bored?? We’ll see.

  • minna k.

    I think it was K bella that said “hell is waiting for you at 10 inches.” LOL so i did my 3rd big chop after rocking the BSL all hot summer of 09. I did an asymmetric for a bit. (something like Taren’s above in the vid.) Im growing it back , and it is currently at that “meh nothing special” length. But its cool because i’m practicing my flat twists.

  • J.Hooks

    I’ve been natural for over a year now, but when I first went natural my mom convinced me to keep doing ceramic fusion on my hair because she thought that natural wasn’t professional. Being the good little girl that I was, I took her advice and now I have extensive heat damage in the front of my hair. Good news is, I’ve grown it out but there is still like 5 inches of bone straight hair connected to my curls so it’s time for another BC!!! I’m excited, nervous, and just want to get it over with so I can wear my wash and go fro in the summer.
    I’m so afraid to try new things..this is like jumping off a cliff for me…well not that dramatic…TWA HERE I COME!!!!

  • http://beautyofself.wordpress.com/ Asia

    I personally haven’t done the BC yet, but iReally want to . .

    iGuess iJust have to find the confidence. But anyway the girl in the video looks so beautiful w/ the BC . . iJust don’t think iCould pull it off : /

  • PurpleAfroPuffs

    I’ve been a natural girl for over 12 years and tend to do a major cut every 2. I haven’t figured out why but when my hair gets to a certain length the ends start to straighten out. LOL I will have about 4 inches cut next week and I can’t wait. Even with a 4 inch cut it will still hit me around the shoulders and I love it that length. I miss rocking my big Friday Foster afro.