“Going natural was never really a choice. I mad some bad decisions, that I don?t entirely regret, but some bad decisions nevertheless. I decided to get my first relaxer when I went off the college (bad decision # 1). I decided to volunteer as a hair model, resulting in half of my head getting shaved off, and the rest to be bobbed (bad decision # 2). I went through a phase of dying my hair all types of skittle colors and shaved off another side again (bad decision # 3). I got really sick and my hair started following out and it was then that I decided to just give it a break. Now having natural hair actually makes me feel “cleaner” than having pressured unwashed hair for 2 weeks. I feel like I have a clearer mind. Plus I was super inspired to start wearing my own curls by all the sexy ladies in Quentin Tarantino?s Death Proof.

I wash my natural hair about once a week, and cowash about 2 times a week, depending on how cold it is outside. I have eczema so it imperative for me to keep my scalp clean. My go-to hair style is a wash and go and I hardly style my hair. The best part about having natural hair is even on bad hair days it still looks pretty cool to everyone else!

I love Hair Rules Curly Whip for wash and go looks, the Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream for braid outs, and in the summer I use Mixed Chicks Leave-In for wash and go looks. I diffuse in the winter because my hair is really heavy and will take a full day to air dry. I use Organix conditioners, and Neem soap to wash.

Being “natural” for me it?s a lifestyle. Unless I need to change my hair for a role, I?ll probably be keeping it this way. I got a Dominican blow out a few years back because I missed my long locs, and immediately regretted it. It burned my hair so badly, and the maintance to keep unrelaxed hair straight IS TOO MUCH WORK! My natural hair is like that song Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac. I think its rude when people ask me if I?m done doing my natural hair [laughs], but I always love it when I see a little girl who looks at her mom and then looks at me and says, “Mommy she has hair like mine!” That always warms my heart. My boyfriend literally cries when I straighten my natural hair. He?s been trying to get me to convert to natural hair for years.

For my beauty routine beauty I use Clinique for concealer and foundation. Also for blush, lips and mascara I am a CoverGirl through and through. I love ALL of their pieces. I am an advocate for the queen collection 100%. I really like my lips, I know its weird, and people call it a little baby bird mouth. I used to hate it because its wasn?t stereotypically “African”, and people used to tease me about it. But it’s small and cute, and curls when it thinks of something evil or hilarious. I have a perma-smile like a cat, so I sort of always look happy.

My fashion style is street, granny, gaminie, and nostaligic. I love classic pieces you can find at Madewell or thrift stores. I mostly thrift because being a working artist and hobby blogger doesn?t bring in millions quite yet. When I do feel like spending money it?s usually at American Apparel. As for style I just want to always feel like Diane Keaton past or present. She’s kind of my icon.

If someone is looking to go natural or is even wondering if they should “stay natural” because of what other people think or outside pressure, I say do it for yourself and no one else. If someone doesn?t like you because of who you really are they aren?t worth keeping around. Love the curls God made on your head, they aren?t like other girls, they are yours and yours alone.

You can?t truly love others until you learn to love yourself. Beauty is relative. Some people question my desire to be an actor because I don?t look like a super model, but if you look at the actors that have made it today, they are all sort of funny looking. Its their quirkiness that makes them beautiful, it lasts longer. Those crazy people getting plastic surgery to look ?beautiful? end up looking rather scary in the long run.” – Bianca

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