“My name is Allison but online I go by Cinni. I?m a God-fearing, quirky, dance/budding/filmmaker/blogger/reader/person. I live in the UK by way of Florida by way of Jamaica. I?ve been around.

I?ve been natural most of my life. I got a relaxer when I was 14 and decided to grow it out when I was 17. I missed the big hair and I felt like my hair was suffering after awhile with the relaxer.

I wash and detangle my hair once a week. Sometimes once every two weeks if I?m lazy. My hair is mostly out everyday or in a high bun. I love wearing my hair out so that?s what I do. The best part about having natural hair is the versatility of it. I can wear it poofy, curly, straight – whatever. Oh and I don?t have to worry about getting it wet. Bump a shower cap! The song “No Barbershop” by Conkarah describes my hair perfectly. Conkarah is an artist out of Jamaica who is on the rise.

My favorite hair products are pretty much anything from Shea Moisture especially their Curl & Style Milk. All natural products for around $10 is a win for me. I use the Curl & Style Milk to refresh my hair, the Restorative Conditioner is my leave in. Giovanni conditioners namely the Smooth As Silk…oh and Coconut Oil! My fav high-end products…well high-end to me because I?m a student is Carol?s Daughter Chocol?t Smoothing Collection. The blow dry cream is the stand out product from the collection because it gives a smooth sleek blowout/flat iron. That?s all I need when I straighten which is once a year.

I can?t do without Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser from Lush. This cleanser is amazing! Evens out my skin tone and doesn?t irritate my dry, sensitive skin. It paired with Skin Drink moisturizer which is another Lush product is the bomb for my face in the winter. Hotter months I?ll switch out Skindrink for Cosmetic Lad from Lush. One of my favorite body features are my eyes. The color and shape I find pretty nice so Maybelline Volume Express the Mega Plush Mascara is on my fav beauty list too. Almost any mascara from Maybelline actually. They never do me wrong. MAC Rebel lipstick…I live for deep type colors on my lips and this one is great all year round. And Shea Moisture African Black Soap. I have eczema and this soap clears my breakouts.

I think “going natural” is a passing trend for some and a lifestyle for others. A lot of people are wearing their natural unprocessed hair now because they get the confidence from seeing other women rocking theirs. Others just want to go with what?s popular.

The rudest comment I can [remember] concerning my hair is “So you don?t comb it?” This was from my best friend?s mom. I had it out, wild and free. Eh. I?ve had many nice comments about my hair so it?s hard for me to say which is the nicest. Most just say they love it.

If you do want to go or stay natural, don?t get frustrated because your hair isn?t like someone else?s. Be proud and love what God gave you. Be patient as well. It takes time to figure out and deal with natural hair. You?ll be glad you stuck with it!

When it comes to my thoughts on beauty and self love, the Bible is my guide to this journey of life. Song of Solomon is a beautiful book that mirrors the love a man has for a woman to the love God has for us all. In Chapter 4:7 it says “You are altogether beautiful, my love, there is no flaw in you.” That?s an inspiring and beautiful verse that boosts the love I have for God and the love for myself.” – Allison

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