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WTF Misdemeanor Is Back
We have been graced and everybody's eating cake today.
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On Practicing Gratefulness
You are whole and capable. Life can hurt you, but it can’t decrease you unless you consent to it.
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The Abortion Scandal
Olivia Pope had an abortion Mellie started a filibuster. Let's talk about this.
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Self Care
How To Stop Letting Fear Control You And Run Your Life (Again and Again)
You will have to try different things and be resilient as you figure yourself out and pursue the life you want. But it's worth it.
Your New Favorite Foundation
Somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation, this is our new favorite no makeup, makeup.
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Brilliant Films About Trans People
Poignant and diverse, these films represent a vast array of styles and perspectives.
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Men Are Like Dogs
My mother told me this. I believed it. She was wrong. #ThingsMomWasWrongAbout
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Why "She" Is Happier Than You
It's time to stop chasing things that aren’t meant for you.
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